Parthenia Izzard


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Name Parthenia Izzard
Title Wellness Coach, Certified Natural Healthcare Practitioner & Psychologist
Language English [Spanish conversationally]
How I can help I provide holistic wellness services through alternative medicine therapies. These services address concerns including general wellness maintenance, stress management, and psycho-social issues by using an eclectic approach suited to each individual client [BA, MA, ABD]. Typical sessions can take 30 to 60 minutes depending on the complexity of your concern(s) (phone/text/video). For a simple request not requiring your input a single email should be sufficient. For more complex concerns, two emails should be sufficient. Remember the first email describing your request is always free.
Email $15 / Email
Phone $2.5 / Hour
Years of Experience 30
Expert Area: Psychology
Area of Specialization: Wellness & Psychological Consultations
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